ART : Cornelia Parker




Edge of England ( Chalk retrieved from a cliff fall at Beatch Head, South Downs, England), 1999


Mass (Colder Darker Matter) 1997

cornelia-parkerCold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991

cornelia-parker3Heart of Darkness, 2004

Cornelia Parker was born in Cheshire in I956 and lives and works in London. She is interested in how everyday objects can be changed by (often violent) processes. During her career she has used a steamroller to flatten silver plates and has transformed a wedding ring into metres of fine, gold thread. Although at first glance it might seem that she is interested in destroying objects, she is in fact fascinated by how change can create something completely new.

BOXING TILDA : la collaboration entre Cornelia Parker et Tilda Swinton :

« Swinton, previously known in the UK as the muse of the late filmmaker Derek Jarman and as the gender-hopping lead in Sally Potter’s Orlando, 1993, is now probably more famous for being an art exhibit. In Cornelia Parker’s installation at the Serpentine Gallery, The Maybe, 1995, Swinton played the toughest role in a career devoted to challenging ones: herself asleep. For seven consecutive days, eight hours a day, she lay motionless, eyes closed, in a raised, glass casket – a contemporary Sleeping Beauty in jeans and deck shoes, subject to intense scrutiny and speculation. Was she asleep? How die she pee? Was this an act of massive egomania or acute self-effacement? And was she a natural redhead? One art critic from a national newspaper became strangely preoccupied with a small blemish under her left ear. A poet came and read to her every day. There was much punning about actresses resting between roles. Tank Girl, and art being a yawn – as well as the perpetual chestnut of whether this piece constituted art at all. »



thanksGenetologic research


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